All Fiction is Not “Fifty Shades of Grey”

If one more person tries to get me to read or watch Fifty Shades of Grey, I may have a screaming fit. No. I will not read it. I will not watch it. I would actually rather watch a Twilight marathon than do either (Yes, I’ve actually read the Twilight series. I am not a fan.) Please stop trying to get me to waste my time on something that, for me, has absolutely no value.  I think all authors have the right to write what they please. I do not think writers have the right to profit from other people’s ideas. From everything I’ve seen–for yearsFifty Shades of Grey started out life as fan fiction based on Twilight. (Please do not ask me what I think of that particular concept.) So, E.L. James has profited handsomely from Stephenie Meyer’s initial idea. That is not okay with me. I also do not read or watch James Patterson because I’ve read, many times, that he uses a team of co-writers to produce his plethora of work. I am sure those writers are well-compensated. But their name is not generally on the covers of those books. This is my personal reason for not reading either of these two authors.

Writing is hard. Anyone who doesn’t think so has no idea what they’re talking about. If I am ever so fortunate as to be published–traditionally or indie–I will be thrilled with my hard work and my ideas being appreciated. So, it offends me on a personal level when I see other writers not getting the credit they deserve. It’s like plagiarism. Seriously. And I do not support it.

Writing fiction can be magic. Words have value. Fiction has value. Just because I do not like a piece of fiction does not mean it doesn’t have value, it just doesn’t have value to me. I’m only one person out of several billion on this planet. Write what makes you happy. But write your own stories, not someone else’s. Don’t criticize someone else’s just because they aren’t your cup of tea.

And if you don’t read fiction, don’t tell me that writing it is pointless and has no value. Your argument is invalid, because you are making a judgment about something of which you have no knowledge.

Notice I did not say that Fifty Shades of Grey is poorly written or has a crappy storyline. I have never read it. I have no knowledge of it. It could be a lyrical masterpiece. It has value for an awful lot of people out there. Just because I do not find value in it doesn’t mean others don’t.

But please don’t tell me that writing fiction is valueless. Especially if you watch bad reality TV or the news instead of reading. Because everything on the news is absolutely true and not made up at all….

3 thoughts on “All Fiction is Not “Fifty Shades of Grey”

  1. Yep writing is a magical experience, creating a magical universe where your characters literally come alive. I’ve followed – I’m a fellow writer myself who writes short stories. I’m working on a novel right now, and would love to hear some feedback on my stories 🙂 Thanks anyways, and keep writing 🙂


      1. Thanks 🙂 i find it quite challenging to write short stories, because to make a good one you need implied backstory that you have to have worked out. There’s loads more coming soon, and I’ve got a collection coming out soon. Again thanks for taking your time to check out my work, it’s appreciated a lot 😀


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