Vampires and King Arthur

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is read. So, I’ve decided to make blogging about whatever book I’m currently reading a weekly thing. Not that the topic will necessarily be all that interesting or educational, but just because. Currently, I’m reading two books: The Wicked Day, by Mary Stewart; and All Together Dead, by Charlaine Harris.

I’ve had the Mary Stewart books on my TBR pile for a while. (Over a year, in fact.) Once I started reading them, I realized I’d actually read the first two before. Not that that detracted from my enjoyment of them at all. I actually liked them a lot. I enjoyed her take on Merlin, and a lot of the background and mythic stuff I think is great. I’ve always liked when books have layers of background information in them (Tolkien, anyone?), and this just made me like the books more. The writing is sort of formal, but that gives my mind a break if I read something in that style every once in a while. Now I’m on the fourth book, and I’m still enjoying it. I don’t think I’ve read this one before, either. It’s interesting to see things from Mordred’s point of view, and although I know how this has to end, I’d still recommend the series to anyone who loves fantasy. The Arthurian legends have been over-done, but I don’t think Stewart is on that list.

On to All Together Dead. Can I just say that I love this series? I finally borrowed this book from my best friend (who has the same taste in books that I do, so we swap a lot), and it’s been really difficult to put down. Of course, this is the seventh book in the series, so I’ve had plenty of time to get to know the characters. I love Sookie. And Eric. And Quinn. Boo to Bill, though. This book has a good mystery going, and the pacing is great, so I keep telling myself “One more chapter” for hours at a time. I love the close POV Harris sticks to with Sookie, and how real Sookie seems (sometimes I feel like I know her personally). If you like vampires, you should definitely pick this one up (and the rest of the series).


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