Clairvoyants, Anyone?

I haven’t done much reading in the last week. In fact, for me, two books is quite sad. I read Keri Arthur’s Kissing Sin, which is the second book in the series. I actually like the main character, Riley, and her brother Rhoan quite a bit. She’s a pretty independent woman, which is always a good thing, in my opinion. A lot of the mystery from the first book , Full Moon Rising, is carried over, and some of the questions actually get answered. There are a lot of strong secondary characters, all sorts of strange critters, along with plenty of murder and mayhem. My only real problem with the book was some of the more…physical aspects, which seemed to be thrown in without regard to plot relativity. I understand that these werewolves are very sexual creatures, I just found it odd that Riley would be that fixated on sex (and with a stranger, at that), while she was running for her life. Maybe it’s just me. It’s certainly a lot tamer than anything Laurell K. Hamilton writes.

I also read Touch the Dark, by Karen Chance. I really liked this book a lot! The MC, Cassie, is a clairvoyant running from her old vampire master. The vampire senate turns up to help her, but she thinks they have ulterior motives. And she’s right. Cassie’s pretty funny at times, and her sidekick, a ghost named Billy Joe, is a trip. I like most of the vampire characters, and there’s even a war mage. All in all, a pretty cool book. I like the worldbuilding. I’m currently reading the sequel, Claimed by Shadow. It’s great, too, and I’m determined to finish it before NaNo starts!

Slightly off topic, but does anyone else watch Moonlight? I like this show. Surprisingly. I usually have issues with vampire movies/TV shows, but I enjoy this one a lot. It helps that the MC, Mick, is pretty attractive, but leaving that out, I think they do a pretty good job. Not terribly original, I guess, but still entertaining. And I hardly ever watch TV! Normally, all I watch is Lost (which of course, isn’t back on until FEBRUARY!). Now I’ve also added Moonlight and The Big Bang Theory, which completely cracks me up. Last night I laughed so hard I almost fell on the floor. (The line about Home habilus discovering his opposable thumbs almost did me in.)

One last thought. I’m going to try to post my NaNo progress here every day. My goal is to at least get my daily word count and total word count posted, along with any other thoughts. Good luck to any of you doing NaNo!


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