Books Galore!

I’ve actually done quite a bit of reading over the last couple of weeks (while I was avoiding NaNo). Two books in series I’ve previously read, three new authors, and one author that I normally don’t read.

I read Confessor, by Terry Goodkind, the last in the Sword of Truth series. I really like these books, and I’ve enjoyed all of them. I discovered them quite by accident. I read something about one of the books, I think it was Temple of the Winds, and thought it sounded good. So, I went to the bookstore to get it. And discovered it was the fourth book in a series. I decided to try the first one, and was completely enthralled from the first sentence. I devoured that, and had to go back the next week to get the other three books. Terry Goodkind is not afraid to be very, very cruel to his characters, and I know I cried several times while reading the series. Parts of it are funny, parts of it are very serious. There are so many layers to the series that it amazes me. Confessor was a fitting ending to the series. I enjoyed it a lot, and I think he wrapped up everything neatly (although I would still love to read more in this world). Richard and Kahlan are great characters, and after reading the series, I feel like I know them personally.

Next up was Halfway to the Grave, by Jeanine Frost. I heard her speak this summer at Conestoga, on a panel about vampires, and I was impressed by what she had to say (Plus, she gave away really cool cover flaps of her book.). Halfway to the Grave is about a girl who lures vampires and slays them, in amateur fashion. One of her attempted murders goes awry when she tries to stake Bones, who takes her under his wing and trains her so they can go after a really bad vampire who is kidnapping and selling women. I wasn’t too sure about the first part of this book, but I ended up really enjoying it, and I’m looking forward to the next in the series. I thought Frost’s writing was strong, and she did a good job with this story.

The High King’s Tomb by Kristen Britain was a very enjoyable story. I stumbled over the first book in this series, and have been hooked ever since. (Strangely enough, I was checking Amazon to see if she had written anything new, and it happened to be this book’s release day). The characters are great, especially Karigan, and even minor ones are well-drawn. There is always a lot of action and mystery, and I enjoy that. (And dang it, I want Karigan and the King to get together!) I think I read somewhere that Kristen Britain is a protégée of Terry Goodkind’s, so the story quality is definitely good.

For some reason (my mother made me), I read Nicholas Sparks’ A Bend in the Road. I don’t normally read Sparks, because I’ve read several of his things in the past, and I just don’t enjoy them. This one wasn’t a bad story, and the writing was fine, but I figured out what was going to happen early on, and I’m not a big fan of predictability in my reading.

Also read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. I’ve heard a lot about this book this year, so I decided to read it. It was…a little strange. Mind you, I had to force myself to put it down at night, but it was an uncomfortable book to me. I thought it was odd that the characters’ names were never revealed, and the whole world was depressing to me. Good writing, just not a book I would read again.

Last up is A Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula K. LeGuin. I’ve never read anything of hers before, and tried this one on a whim. I enjoyed it, despite its brevity and the formality of the language. Ged is an interesting character to me, and he grew a lot in this story. I’m now working on the second book in the trilogy.

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