Writing Goals for 2008

Since I work better under a deadline (it helps me overcome procrastination), I’ve set myself goals to accomplish in my writing this year. I even gave each of the goals a completion date. This will help keep me motivated and focused. I did more or less the same thing in 2007, but I got off-track in about August with the editing on Witches, and I never really got completely back on-track. I’m hoping to avoid that problem this year. And to make it even more “official”, I’m posting the goals here. I’ll try to do updates every few months to hold myself accountable.

1) Finish first draft of NaNo 2007 story (February).

2) Start subbing Through Shadowed Stone (April).

3) Finish first-round edits on NaNo 2007 (May/June).

4) Finish first draft of zombie story (June).

5) Finish first-round edits on Witches (June).

6) Finish first-round edits on zombie story (September).

7) Do NaNo 2008 (November, of course.).

8) Outline the sequel to Witches (end of December).

9) Finish 2YN class (end of 2008).

10) Write 250,000 new words (up 25% from my goal in 2007).

Happy New Year’s!


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