Books Read In 2007 (Part II)

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Here are books 26-50.

Roberts, Nora: Dance of the Gods (03/20/07)

Roberts, Nora: Valley of Silence (03/26/07)

Moore, Christopher: You Suck (03/28/07)*

Flock, Elizabeth: But Inside I’m Screaming (04/01/07)*

Picoult, Jodi: The Pact (04/05/07)*

Montgomery, L.M.: Anne of Windy Poplars (04/07/07)

Montgomery, L.M.: Anne’s House of Dreams (04/11/07)

Montgomery, L.M.: Anne of Ingleside (04/15/07)

Montgomery, L.M.: Rainbow Valley (04/16/07)

Montgomery, L.M.: Rilla of Ingleside (04/18/07)

Roberts, Nora: Angel Falls (04/19/07)

Evanovich, Janet: Four to Score (04/23/07)

Evanovich, Janet: High Five (04/24/07)

Evanovich, Janet: Hot Six (04/25/07)

Evanovich, Janet: Seven Up (04/26/07)

Evanovich, Janet: Hard Eight (04/27/07)

Evanovich, Janet: Ten Big Ones (04/28/07)

Evanovich, Janet: To the Nines (04/28/07)

Evanovich, Janet: Eleven on Top (04/29/07)

Evanovich, Janet: Plum Lovin’ (05/07/07)

Evanovich, Janet: Twelve Sharp (05/10/07)

Evanovich, Janet: Visions of Sugar Plums (05/10/07)

Haydon, Elizabeth: Rhapsody (05/10/07)*

Haydon, Elizabeth: Prophecy (05/19/07)

Haydon, Elizabeth: Destiny (05/21/07)


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