Goal Progress-Week One

Every week, I’m going to try to update my progress on the goals I set for the year. I’m hoping being held accountable like this will give me the motivation to actually work on the goals, instead of procrastinating and letting them slide.

Of the ten writing-related goals I set for the year, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve worked on six of them in the last week. Not too bad, all things considered. I did some work on the NaNo 2007 story, finished up a chapter. Less than a thousand words, but hey, every little bit helps. I’m also planning on working on it some more tonight. At least, that’s the plan.

I haven’t actually written any on the zombie story, but I did have a meeting with my co-writer, to read her most recent chapter and plan out the next couple of chapters. So, I know what my next chapter is about, I just have to actually write it. That would be the plan for tomorrow.

I’ve been working pretty consistently on Witches, and have edited around six chapters this week. Of course, those were all chapters that had been extensively edited before, so this was just a loose edit. Now I’m moving into the untouched chapters. The horror!

I have actually done a tiny bit of work for my NaNo story for this year (2008). See, I already have a loose idea. And then, a couple of nights ago, I had this dream and I woke up thinking “OMG! It’s the NaNo story. It’s part of the story. I have to get up right now and write this down.” So, I did. (Then, the next night, I had another dream that could definitely be a story one day. Yay for dreaming!)

I’ve worked on the 2YN story. In fact, the last chapter I wrote flowed really well. I love those days. I just sat down and there it was, straight from my brain to the computer screen with no pauses in between. Such a good day. Makes me love being a writer.

Last but not least, I’ve written a big, whopping 2,913 words towards my goal of 250,000. Sad to say, only a week into the new year, and I’m already behind. Oh well. There’s plenty of time to catch up, right?


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