Books Read In 2007 (Part V)

Books 101-125.

Freedman, Rory and Barnouin, Kim: Skinny Bitch (09/17/07)

Stewart, Mary: The Last Enchantment (09/19/07)

Harris: Charlaine: All Together Dead (09/24/07)

Stewart, Mary: The Wicked Day (10/04/07)

Cast, P.C. and Kristin: Betrayed (10/06/07)

Brigg, Patricia: Blood Bound (10/08/07)

Raye, Kimberly: Dead End Dating (10/10/07)*

Raye, Kimberly: Dead and Dateless (10/13/07)

Vaughn, Carrie: Kitty and the Midnight Hour (10/13/07)*

Gerritsen, Tess: The Bone Garden (10/14/07)

Vaughn, Carrie: Kitty Goes to Washington (10/17/07)

Vaughn, Carrie: Kitty Takes a Holiday (10/19/07)

Mulvany, Catherine: Something Wicked (10/20/07)*

Arthur, Kerri: Kissing Sin (10/27/07)

Chance, Karen: Touch the Dark (10/28/07)*

Chance, Karen: Touched by Shadows (11/01/07)

Cornwell, Patricia: Book of the Dead (11/02/07)

Russe, Savanah: Beneath the Skin (11/03/07)

McCaig, Daniel: Rhett Butler’s People (11/10/07)

Hamilton, Laurell K.: A Lick of Frost (11/12/07)

Goodkind, Terry: Confessor (11/22/07)

Frost, Jeanine: Halfway to the Grave (11/22/07)*

Britain, Kristen: The High King’s Tomb (11/26/07)

Sparks, Nicholas: A Bend in the Road (11/28/07)

McCarthy, Cormac: The Road (11/30/07)*


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