New Goal for April

I’ve decided to revamp my goals for April a little bit. My original plan was to have Through Shadowed Stone ready to go out the door this month. I’m still planning on that. But to do that, I have to put Witches on the backburner this month, and focus solely on TSS. And I’m okay with that. TSS doesn’t need a lot of work. Just a few minor tightening details and clarifications. After a really in-depth crit from a critique partner, I realized that my MC has a few inconsistencies that I need to clear up, and I need to do a little bit more explaining in a few spots. I also need to add a few setting details to bring the culture a little more fully into life. So I’ll be focused on that this month. And also on polishing my synopsis for this story and getting it ready to go. Of course, I’ll also have to flesh out my plan of attack (i.e. getting a list of agents ready to submit to). Other than that…I’ll be working six days a week for the foreseeable future, so that’s pretty much it.


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