Seems Like Everyone’s Having Flashbacks

Dark Matter, by Cameron Cruise was an interesting read. I had never heard of the remote viewing program when I started reading the book, and I figured it was just something the author came up with (imagine my surprise when I saw a mention of it in relation to another book this past week). Autistic kids are turning up missing, and psychic twins Adam and Evie are involved.

I read Ted Dekker’s Thr3e on the recommendation of a friend (Thanks, Jake!). I never did figure out who the bad guy was in this book, so the end came as quite a surprise. The MC, Kevin Parson, gets a phone call on his way home from work. The caller asks him to confess his sin in three minutes, or his car will blow up. Kevin has no idea what sin he’s supposed to admit to, but he does manage to get the car off the freeway before it explodes. And that phone call is the first of several that lead him back to a dark time in his childhood, and raise some very unhappy memories.

The next book has a lot of flashbacks and childhood memories as well. Whispers, by Lisa Jackson. Claire St. John comes back to her childhood home (along with her two sisters), at the request of her father, who is running for governor. Her father wants to know what really happened the night her fiancée was killed all those years ago. But Claire and her sisters have never told anyone what actually happened. To make matters worse, writer Kane Moran is back in town, too, writing a story about the whole situation. And he’s part of Claire’s past as well. Interesting story, with the flashbacks skillfully woven in. I enjoyed this one.

Then I read The Healer, by Sharon Sala, about a man who has a weird connection to animals. This ability has kept him on the run for years, from the man who wishes to use his talent. Jonah ends up in a tiny town, and helps Luce’s grievously wounded dog. The two of them connect, and soon he’s caught up in the mystery of her stalker, as well as when his own follower will catch up. I liked this book, too. The little town was very vividly imagined, and I liked the characters a lot as well.

Last up is Caitlin’s Guardian Angel, by Marie Ferrarella. I have to confess, I borrowed this book, read it two months ago, and it’s been long-since returned, so I’m a little fuzzy on the details. It’s a romance, though, about Caitlin, who owns a lingerie shop (I thought that was pretty cool.). On her way to work one morning, she witnesses a murder. The detective who responds is someone from her past. Their relationship ended badly, through misunderstandings on both parts. They have to work together to keep Caitlin safe from the murderer, and to resolve old issues. This was a pretty good, quick read.


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