A Lone Wolf

This is the final catch-up reading post, and unfortunately, it contains two books that I left behind in Texas (one belonged to my best friend, and she has the other one as well). A Taste for Control, by Patrice Michelle, is one of them. We sat in on some panels with Ms. Michelle this summer at Conestoga, and decided to buy one of her books to see if her writing was as good as promised. It was, and this book had a lot of action. It was way hot, too, but I’m a little fuzzy on the details at this point. The other “left-behind” novel was Cry Wolf, by Patricia Briggs. Now, I love the Mercy Thompson books by Ms. Briggs, and this one was loosely connected to them (set in the same world, some of the same characters), but I found it a little harder to get into. I think it’s because the MC seemed so…well, kind of quiet and retiring. I prefer my heroines strong and outspoken. But it did end up being a good read.

Next up, Nighwalker, by Jocelyn Drake. This is the first in the Dark Days series, about Mira, who’s a sort of cop who keeps the vampires in her area in line. She was a very strong character, and I liked her a lot. She goes head-to-head with Danaus, a vampire hunter who is determined to kill her, although they end up being quite intrigued with each other.

Then I read A Bite to Remember, one of the Argeneau vampire books. I do love the humor in these books, and the titles are great, too. Jackie is a PI who is hired to investigate the sabotage directed at Vincent Argeneau. Of course, they end up falling for each other, but there are some good laughs and nice action along the way. This book is as good and reliably enjoyable as the other books in this series.

And the last of the group are Midnight Rising, Kiss of Midnight, and Midnight Awakening, by Lara Adrian. I am really excited about this series. There’s a group of hot vampires (Breed), who are trying to kill off the Rogues (dangerous vampire killers). The characters in these three are all believably drawn, with flaws and strengths just like everyone else. They’re not infallible, untouchable warriors, either. And the females are just as believable, with real problems and personalities, not cookie-cutter heroines. All of these books were super reads, and I can’t wait to get the rest of them.


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