So, it’s the end of the first day of NaNo 2008. I feel I’m off to a good start, with 5,485 words down, and only 94,515 to go. Yes, you read that right. I’m trying to hit 100k for NaNo this year. Actually, that was my goal last year, but I failed miserably and only wrote about 60k. I know, I still won NaNo, but I didn’t hit my personal goal, so that was disappointing. But I got over it. And I decided to shoot for the same goal this year. I think I’m doing tolerably well so far. I got about 2.8k for the midnight start, then passed out for a few hours, got up, and wrote again. I even managed a little over 400 words tonight while watching The Legend of the Seeker premiere. Did anyone watch that? And if so, what did you think? I love the Sword of Truth books, and I think the show was pretty good. Of course they had to change some things around, which always bothers me, even though I understand why they had to. Richard seemed so young, too. I’ll definitely be tuning in next week.

Okay, I’m back from that little tangent. Tempest of Angels is going well so far. I haven’t quite gotten into the flow yet, but that’s to be expected (for me). Plus, this is in third person, and I have been writing first person lately. That’s another switch. But I’m enjoying it.

How did everyone else do on their first day?


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