Life After NaNo

Actually, there’s not a whole lot going on, at least not on the writing front. I’ve been editing my NaNo 2007 story (which is still untitled). I’m… surprised by it. I think the beginning of it is very strong, and although it’s early yet, I have hopes that it is better than I remember. (Of course, last year I had big goals for NaNo and for whatever reason, I lost all motivation two weeks in and barely got 50k. Good to know the story is stronger than that.).

I’m in the very early planning stages for a new story, and this one came out of nowhere, and has taken over my brain, demanding to be written now. So, I’m going to start it in January. Just as soon as I get a few more things figured out, and the characters named, and the plot in some sort of rational order. You know, the usual things. It’s something a little new for me. Another YA, but an urban fantasy this time. And, of all things, it’s about a werewolf. Or two. Or six. Not sure, but at least three. I don’t know why it’s grabbed me so much, but it has. Now I need to do some research on Goths to start with. That should be interesting. At least the characters that showed up weren’t emo…


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