The Year In Review (Or Things I Did Not Accomplish This Year)

I started off 2008 with ten writing-related goals, and a books-read goal. I met some of them (most of them), but slacked off on others. I learned a lot about writing this year, and about what I’m capable of, which I’ve put into my plans/goals for next year. But here’s how I did on this year’s goals:

Read 150 books: I’ve read 154 books (and yes, that counts Gone with the Wind, of which I lack about 100 pages to read, but I’ll get that done today).

1) Finish first draft of NaNo 2007 (the Atlantis story). Done. I think I finished this in February or March.

2) Start subbing Through Shadowed Stone. Done. I started this in May, and actually stopped subbing it in the summer. Not because of the rejections I got, but because I realized this story isn’t ready yet. It’s on the back burner for now, until I’m ready to tackle its issues.

3) Finish first round edits on Atlantis story. Done. Finished this 12/29/08-Nothing like waiting ’til the last minute. I actually like this story much more than I remembered.

4) Finish first draft of zombie story. Not done. Took a 6-month break from the story, but we’re working on it again now.

5) Finish first round edits on Witches. Done. 10/12/08. I’m not entirely happy with this draft, and I still need to cut a large amount of it, but I cleaned it up some.

6) Finish first round edits on zombie story. Also clearly not done, since the first draft isn’t complete yet.

7) Do NaNo 2008. Done. 100k done.

8) Outline Witches II. Done. Finished the outline in October, and I’m looking forward to writing it, despite the fact that Witches still needs so much work. I have a complete outline for this one, so I don’t think I’ll wander quite so far afield.

9) Finish 2YN class. Done (more or less). It still isn’t quite ready for subbing, and I need to fix my synopsis and draft a query, but it’s been written and edited.

10) Write 250,000 new words. Not done. Not even close. My final word count for the year is 163,570 words. Which isn’t bad, it just isn’t what I’d hoped for. But that’s okay.

This year, I finished up two story drafts. I wrote one complete first draft. I did a lot of writing on the zombie story. I did a lot of editing, a lot of crits, and got a bunch of new ideas that will carry me over into 2009. I’m satisfied with my progress, and happy with what I learned.

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