Conestoga 2009

I’ve been to this con three times now. Does that qualify me as a regular? Possibly. I have to say, this year seemed a lot… tamer than previous years have. Not nearly so many people in costumes this time around, which was something of a disappointment. I always enjoy checking out the costumes.

We did sit in on some interesting panels. And, of course, discovered some great new (to me) writers. One of them was Carrie Jones. I went out and bought her newest book, Need, which came out in December and is on it’s 7th print run. 7th! Isn’t that awesome? And the book was great. I think I read it in under 3 hours. Actually, I owe Carrie a great big thank you. Her YA tale of pixies running amok kept me entertained in the airport AND distracted during my flight. And I’m terrified of flying, so that should tell you what a great book it is.

I also-finally-read books by two authors I “discovered” at Conestoga last year. The first one was Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. Yes, I know that book has been out a little while, and many people have told me to read it, I just…didn’t have time, okay? But I couldn’t put it down. LOVED it. I love me some Scotsmen in kilts. And how many hot red-headed protagonists do you really see these days? Not enough of them, if you ask me. I already bought the next two books in the series (and would have bought more, if the bookstore had had the third one in stock just then).

I bought Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ Tattoo. I’ve been on a bit of a YA kick lately. It seems my own writing is running to YA, and I’ve always loved reading it, it just seems to be dominating in my reading pile the last few months. Although, glancing at said TBR pile, I seem to have run out of YA. Hmm. Well, Rachel Caine’s new Morganville Vampires book will be out in June. Guess I can wait ’til then. I think. Anyway, enough blathering. Tattoo was an excellent, engaging read. I liked the premise, loved the characters. I’m a sucker for a four-friends book anyway, but the girls in this one were so different and yet so compatible, I really enjoyed it. The idea of temporary tattoos that give you cool Sidhe powers and only having three days to save the world from an evil fairy, all while getting ready for the biggest dance of the school year, is awesome, too. I definitely recommend this.

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