So, I intended this blog to be mostly about writing. But there are other things in the world besides writing. I know it’s hard to believe, but there are. However…some of the things that aren’t strictly writing related do actually have connections, in my mind anyway, to writing. For example, the man I saw in the French Quarter a few months back, dancing on the sidewalk in a green sequined skirt and feather boa. He gave me an idea for how my faeries in this year’s NaNo gain their magic. He also showed up as a character. At first glance, not related to writing at all. But then again, completely related.

Something else that makes me think of writing: movies. But not just any movies. Really good movies that provoke a strong emotional reaction from the audience. And it doesn’t have to be a reaction of sadness or grief, either. That’s the kind of stories I want to write: thing that draw a strong emotional reaction from the reader, a story that is sheer unadulterated pleasure for the reader.

I saw a movie like that last week: All Saints’ Day (the sequel to The Boondock Saints). The first movie came out in 1999, barely hit theaters, but developed a cult following when it came out on DVD. I personally think it’s a great movie. It’s bloody, full of profanity and violence, yet completely unapologetic for those things. All Saints’ Day is more of the same, a sheerly entertaining movie. I loved it. It opened in limited release over a month ago, and I drove an hour to see it in the only theater in the entire state that was showing it at the time. Totally worth the drive. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Thankfully, I don’t have to. It’s now showing only fifteen minutes from home, and I’ll see it again at least once. But that’s the kind of stories I want to write: sheer fun and breathless entertainment (Although I’ll admit the hot Irish guys don’t hurt, either.)

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