What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Okay, honestly, I haven’t really been reading that much lately. Shocking, I know, but I’m trying to keep up with Holly Lisle’s HTRYN class, so that’s taking up a lot of my time. And before that, it was NaNo, so there went a whole month’s worth of “free” time. But I did make time to read two much-anticipated (and big) novels by some of my favorite authors.

First up was Gathering Storm, by Robert Jordan and Brian Sanderson. When Robert Jordan passed away, I wondered if the Wheel of Time series would ever be finished, and if it was, if it would measure up to the rest of the series. Yes, I know there’s a lot of flack out there for this, ah, never-ending, overly-detailed storyline. So? I like it. I like getting to know characters and caring about them, and finding out all the little details of their lives. And I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed Gathering Storm quite a bit. It’s been quite a while since I read the other books, so I was more than a little bit fuzzy on recent happenings, but it didn’t take long to get my memory refreshed. Frankly, I think Sanderson’s writing blended seamlessly with Jordan’s storytelling, and I was very happy with the results. Yes, it’s detailed. Yes, it’s long. Yes, there are a lot of characters to keep up with. But this book built steadily from the beginning, and while there wasn’t really a resolution at the end (How could there be?), it had a satisfying (to me) ending.

I also read Under the Dome, by Stephen King. Every time I read a King book and I scare myself silly, I swear I won’t read another one. And then the next one comes out, and I can’t wait to read it, and end up scared again. This book…wasn’t scary. At all. I don’t think it was meant to be. This is more of a character study. And King creates some great characters, so I really enjoyed this book. Interesting premise, about a small town (in Maine, of course) that gets trapped under a mysterious dome (hence the title). And what changes the trapped townsfolk undergo. I liked the MC, “Barbie” a lot. He was a good character, a strong, upstanding and stubborn guy. The supporting cast is vividly realized, and I found myself actively hating Rennie and wishing horrible things on him (Admittedly, I thought he deserved a LOT more bad things.) In the end, the explanation for the dome was a little bit…out there, but what King story doesn’t have a little bit of the strange and weird in it? I still enjoyed the story a lot, and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s afraid to read King. This one’s not scary. Not even a little bit.


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