Have you ever had one of those “AHA!” moments where something just clicks in your writing and everything just falls into place? I had one of those moments Sunday when I read the new HTRYN lesson. It was about time: flashbacks, flashforwards, etc. One of the exercises is to pick a scene and move it to the beginning and make it your opening scene.

I knew immediately which scene would work best as an opening, would create the most impact and conflict right off the bat. I felt like I’d been struck by lightening! I will definitely be moving this scene and opening the story with it, then I’ll go into more detail when I get to its proper place. I think opening with it will immediately draw the reader in and keep them hooked until they find out what’s going on.

So far, this lesson has clicked with me, and it definitely makes the top five best lessons I’ve learned from HTRYN. I think the class may be open again for enrollment, so if revision is something you struggle with, you should definitely check it out.


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