Still Eyeball-Deep…

…in revisions on the werewolf story, but I think I’m making progress. Well, I feel like I’m making progress, anyway. Still loving this story, and the characters, even as I’m modifying them a bit. I’m getting close to the parts that will have to be totally-rewritten, which is something of a daunting idea, but I’m still excited about it.

The angel story is coming along well, too. Finished up the focus outline, and Muse tossed me some neat bits to help thicken the plot. Little things, but I think they’ll add a lot of depth and conflict, so I’m looking forward to adding them into the mix.

Apart from that, it’s SPRING here! Everything is beautiful and blooming, and the sun is shining. I get spring fever and want to spend lots of time outdoors. Not exactly conducive to getting a lot of writing done…


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