(Sorta) Finished

I’ve been working through the hands-on part of the werewolf revision for the past few weeks. Sunday, I finally finished going through the MS, which means I added 26k of new material (I lost 15k in the computer malfunction), and got to THE END with this story for the first time. Yay! I’ve mentally been doing a happy dance since then.

Now I’m going through the MS one last time, focusing on Style & Grace, Pace, and Beginnings & Endings. I was actually feeling pretty good about the story, until I picked up the new Mercy Thompson book yesterday and immediately got sucked in. I was unable to put it down. Which, of course, made me wonder: Is the pacing in MY story that good? Will a reader be so sucked in they can’t put it down, or will they be able to set it aside for a while easily? Is my Muse just messing with me, trying to make me feel inadequate, or is this a serious problem?

Now, if I only had the answers…


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