NaNo Week One

Week One of NaNo is over, and I’m sitting at 8,001 words. I’m happy with that, considering I only wrote four of those days, and 8,000 was my goal. I only have one more chapter outlined, so I need to work on that ASAP and figure out what comes next.

My best friend was in town this weekend, so we did a bunch of NOLA stuff. Had a lot of fun. We went to the French Quarter Friday night. Saw all sorts of things, which is always a given down there. Had the most amazing ice cream ever (Amaretto flavored Italian ice cream, yum!). Went to the French Market and shopped on Magazine Street. Went to St. Louis No. 1 cemetery and saw Marie Laveau’s grave (That thing always gives me the creeps!). Then, today, we went to the Louisiana Ren Faire and had a blast! We decided that next year we’re going back to Scarborough Faire in Texas, and we’re getting costumes. That should be entertaining.

And that’s about it, other than the time change beating me down! It always takes me a while to adjust, so I’m off to get some much-needed sleep.


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