Social Media

I don’t understand why some people feel it’s necessary to put every single bit of their personal business on the internet for everyone to see. I’ll admit, sometimes I am a Facebook addict. I like to know what my friends are up to, and it’s interesting to see what some old school friends/acquaintances have been doing as well. However…I don’t understand why some people put every little detail of their lives out there in cyberspace. Who really cares what you’re eating for lunch? Or what you had for breakfast? Do I need to know that you’re having problems with your significant other? No. Do I care? Possibly, but if I do, you’ve probably already told me about it via something slightly more personal, like a phone call, text message, or even an email. And do you really want everyone on the planet to know you’re fighting? Personally, I wouldn’t. I barely want to tell my closest friends/family members, much less a bunch of almost-strangers that I haven’t seen or talked to in person for YEARS. I just don’t get it.

I guess it’s sort of a catch-22 for writers. You want to have an online presence, and you want your readers to feel like they know you…but you don’t want to bore them/disgust them with all the little details of your everyday life. So what is the happy balance? Right now, I have a personal Facebook account, and this blog. That’s it. That’s the extent of my web presence. I will probably get another Facebook account if I ever get published, but I can’t really see myself Tweeting 72 times a day. Heck, I can barely blog once a week (and here lately, it hasn’t even been THAT often!). I guess it’s a fine line to walk between overexposure and getting your name out there. I just wish more people had found the right balance–without TMI.


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