My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee Cavanaugh finally has the screaming under control. Mostly. As a bean sidhe—a banshee—she’s compelled to scream when anyone around her dies. At least she was, until she met Nick. But she and Nick broke up while she dealt with his addiction, and now she’s on her own. Which is a bad thing to be, especially when chaos erupts at her school. Teachers are dying mysteriously. Kids are fighting in the parking lot and rioting in the halls. Everything is a mess. Right in the middle of it is Sabine, Nick’s ex-girlfriend. She’s new in town, and she’s desperate to get Nick back. And Sabine just so happens to be a Nightmare—able to read people’s deepest fears and bring them to life in their dreams–bringing new meaning to the phrase “scared to death.”

Now, with the fates of her schoolmates at stake, Kaylee doesn’t know where to turn. There’s Tod, Nick’s Grim Reaper brother, but just how much can a dead guy do? And Alec, who she rescued from the Netherworld, and the clutches of his Hellion master, Avari. Avari wants Alec back, and he wants Kaylee, too. And Avari can possess her body—or the bodies of those she cares about—while they’re sleeping and force them to do anything he wants. Now Kaylee has to figure out what’s going on, and who’s behind it. Can she trust Nick to fight his addiction and his history with Sabine, or must she face the Netherworld without him?

Set locally, in Arlington, Texas, My Soul to Steal is the fourth installment in the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent. Kaylee Cavanaugh may be a banshee, and her world may be filled with creatures from legend, but she’s still just a teenager, with a teenager’s dramas and problems. This compelling book will have you desperate to find out how she resolves them—and how she deals with Nick’s nightmarish ex-girlfriend.


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