Raising Dragons, by Bryan Davis

With most Metroplex schools closed for almost a week, there were a lot of bored kids out there. Next time the kids are stuck at home, why not give them a good book to read? There are a lot of options available, with e-books being the quickest. An e-reader isn’t even necessary, as both Amazon and Barnes and Noble have free e-reader downloads for PCs and other devices. Some books that have been out for a few years are now available for the first time as e-books. One of these is Raising Dragons, by Bryan Davis. This book is filled with fantasy and faith, as the author weaves together Arthurian legends with Bible quotes in an adventure-filled tale about a boy who learns he’s half-dragon. While marketed as a young adult book, this books seems to be most appropriate for younger teenagers looking for excitement.

High school is hard enough without being known as “Dragon Breath,” but that’s Billy Bannister’s new nickname. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but things have changed, and his super-heated breath is just the first sign. When the school troublemaker frames him, he has his first encounter with the odd new principal, Mr. Whittier, who has a fascination with dragons and knights. Then he’s rescued by the new girl, Bonnie, who never takes off her backpack. No matter what. Billy’s day gets worse when he overhears his father talking about being a dragon. Reeling from the shock, Billy doesn’t know what to think. If his dad has lied to him all these years, can he really be trusted?

Then Whittier attacks Bonnie, and when Billy rescues her, he discovers what her backpack hides. Soon Billy’s family and Bonnie are running from Whittier, who’s really a dragon-slayer descended from one of King Arthur’s knights. A housefire, a plane crash, and being lost in the snowy wilderness are just part of Billy and Bonnie’s adventures. Aided by Billy’s best friend and an eccentric teacher, the two struggle to beat the dragon-slayer and fulfill an ancient prophesy foreseen by Merlin himself. Will Billy’s faith be strong enough to withstand the trials?


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