Flip this Zombie, by Jesse Petersen

Flip this Zombie, Orbit Books

Zombie movies have been popular for a while, but they seem to be enjoying a resurgence of popularity lately, with the success of movies such as Dawn of the Dead and the Resident Evil franchise. More recently, zombie comedies such as Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland have become popular, so it really should come as no surprise that zombie comedy books are on the rise as well. One such series is the Living with the Dead series, by Jesse Petersen. The first book in the series is Married with Zombies, and the second is Flip this Zombie, a funny, breezy action-comedy about what happens after the zombie apocalypse and how life goes on when everyone around you is dead—sort of.

Husband-and-wife team Sarah and David are now Zombiebusters Extermination Inc. They’re the zombie answer to the Ghostbusters. Things have settled down a bit since the world ended and life has returned to, well, not normal, but as normal as it gets these days. Until the rumors start floating around about bionic zombies: smarter, faster, harder to kill. Then Sarah and David take a new job: capturing zombies instead of killing them, for a scientist working on a cure.

It turns out killing zombies is a lot easier, even if you have to make pesky decisions like whether to use the scythe or the gun. Capturing…well, you have to get a whole lot more up-close-and-personal, and zombie goo gets everywhere. Not a good look for anyone with fashion sense. Then Sarah and David run into one of the bionics, and realize there’s a whole lot more going on than they thought, and that’s when things take a dark turn that leaves Sarah and David fighting for their lives—against an enemy that wants more than just their brains.


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