Managing Death, by Trent Jamieson

Managing Death, Orbit Books

Being Death isn’t easy. For one thing, well, there’s just so many dead people to deal with. For another, the responsibilities are killer. For Steven de Selby, Death is the family business. That doesn’t mean he’s a natural at it. He’s let things slide a little bit since the whole end-of-the-world thing almost went down, so when his girlfriend Lissa and right-hand-man Tim stage an intervention, he’s a little shocked to realize just how bad things have gotten.

He has a Death Moot to plan, and only a week to do it. There are a lot more Stirrers than there should be, too, and their zombie-like god is getting closer…with plans to take over the world and bring about the apocalypse. The other Regional Managers seem to have something up their sleeves, and since he’s new to the club, no one’s telling him what. Oh, and there’s the psycho intent on cutting Steven to bits to worry about, too. Maybe he should’ve had that other drink after all…

Managing Death, by Trent Jamieson, is the second book in the Death Works series. Mr. Jamieson’s rather tongue-in-cheek humor makes a peek into the business of Death quite funny, even during the bloody moments. Although it’s the second book in a series, readers who haven’t read the first book will still be able to follow, as the backstory is woven through enough to give sense to the world and how it works. Set in Australia’s steamy Christmas season, Managing Death is filled with memorable characters, from Aunt Neti, the spider-like Recognized Entity who is Charon’s counterpart, to Wal, the cherubic tattoo that comes to life in the Underworld.


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