It’s the End of the World (as We Know it)

I had a horrible weekend. My internet was out. I couldn’t check my email ALL weekend. I almost had a nervous breakdown/withdrawal symptoms. Not only that, my cell phone is acting up, so I couldn’t check my email on that, either. It was the longest weekend ever! I didn’t know what to do with myself. Okay, I worked on Saturday, so it could have been worse, but still, 48 hours with no internet? The horror! Apparently, I can only take so many naps in a day…

I mean, it was bad enough that I couldn’t do homework (Yeah. I’m one of THOSE people. I had homework. It needed to be done. I’d rather do it than procrastinate. So sue me.) I couldn’t read any of my online books. I couldn’t listen to my new addiction (neoclassical) on Pandora. Not being on Facebook didn’t bother me, surprisingly enough, but the lack of email was…painful. I was so happy when the tech guy showed up bright and early Monday morning and got it fixed. (And also astonished. When they say “He’ll be there between 8 and 12, you don’t really expect him to be there until, say…11:45. But this guy showed up at 8:20.) As soon as he left, I got right online to get my fix.

So, tell me, how technology-addicted are YOU?


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