My plan is to try to do a post every week about books I’ve read recently, or am currently reading. I read quickly, and I read a lot, and usually I’m reading multiple things at a time, so I shouldn’t run out of bookish things to talk about.

What I’ve read (finished) in the last week:

The Goddess Test, by Aimee Carter
Iceberg, Right Ahead!, by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson
Trial by Fire, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

What I’m currently reading:

White Woman on a Green Bicycle, by Monique Roffey
The Cure is a Forest, by Desi Di Nardo
Understanding World Religions, by Irving Hexham
Damned, by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie
A Dance with Dragons, by George R.R. Martin

The Goddess Test is a YA/fantasy about a girl who makes a deal with a stranger in return for saving a life, and she ends up becoming Persephone to his Hades. An interesting premise, with some funny moments, and excellent characterization. Pretty good read.

Iceberg, Right Ahead! is, of course, about the Titanic. Although short, there are some pretty interesting facts, and some of even cooler pictures of everything from the ship’s construction, to survivors, and the remains of the Titanic itself.

Trial by Fire is the second in the Raised by Wolves series. A YA werewolf book with an interesting twist: the protagonist is the alpha of a werewolf pack, but she’s human. With lots of problems. Honestly, I stayed up far too late finishing this book, since I just *had* to find out what happened!

Of the books I’m currently reading, one is nonfiction, three are fiction (two of which are fantasy), and one is poetry. I don’t normally read much poetry, but so far, The Cure is a Forest is full of compelling, nature-oriented poems that I’m enjoying very much. I, along with a huge number of other fantasy fans, have been looking forward to A Dance with Dragons for years, and I have to say that 100 pages in, it’s been worth the wait. (Still kinda dreading which one of the characters I love Martin will kill off in this book…)


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