True of Blood, by Bonnie Lamer


True of Blood is the first in the Witch Fairy series by Bonnie Lamer.  This series, available only in eBook format, combines witches, fairies, and ghosts in an intriguing contemporary young adult fantasy world. 

Xandra Smith has gotten used to living a weird life.  Home is a remote, snowbound mountain, and she and her little brother, Zac are homeschooled and have no friends.  Not to mention her parents are ghosts….killed three years before in a car crash.  Now their scientist aunt takes care of them so people don’t ask questions about their unique family life.

Things get even weirder on Xandra’s 17th birthday, when she finds out that her mother was a powerful witch who fell in love with the King of the Fae and got pregnant.  The child was prophesied to open the Fae realm, bringing death and destruction to the human world.  In an effort to save to the life of her unborn child, Xandra’s mother renounced her magical heritage and fled.

Now, with Xandra’s powers unbound, the Fae have tracked her down, aiming to deliver her to her evil father, who wants to use her dying blood to complete the prophecy.  But not all of the Fae want the prophecy fulfilled.  Kallen, a true-blood fairy, agrees to protect her and teach her how to use her magic.  However, Xandra’s Witch Fairy powers are greater than anyone suspected, and learning to control them proves a dangerous and difficult task.  Now Xandra must fight not only the evil Fae who want her dead, but also her own untamed magic to save her family and her world from those who would see it in ruins.

 True of Blood is a well-written, engaging read that combines witches, fairies, and ghosts together in a unique way.  Xandra is a typical, if somewhat unconventionally raised, teenager, and her interactions with her family and with Kallen are believable and enjoyable.  The bickering between her and Kallen is amusing, and the growing feelings between them subtle and well done.  True of Blood is a good beginning to what promises to be an enjoyable series.


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