War of Wings, by Tanner McElroy

War of Wings, by Tanner McElroy (Brown Books)
War of Wings, by Tanner McElroy (Brown Books)

Tanner McElroy is a local author who grew up in Lake Highlands, Texas.  His first book, War of Wings, hit shelves March 21st.  In it, he combines biblical knowledge, epic adventure, and angels in the tale of how Lucifer fell, and the first war in heaven.

Life in Heaven is idyllic and peaceful, full of beauty and praise for God.  The angels spend their days in productive work and honoring God.  Everyone is happy.  Everyone, that is, except Lucifer and Gabriel.

Gabriel, the archangel, is bored with his building projects, bored with war games, bored with how perfect everything is in Heaven.  He wants more.  He’s not content with the status quo like his brother Michael, and he thinks he must be the only angel that feels this way.  Then he meets Arrayah, the virtue angel, and he starts to question everything he has always believed.  Soon he’s on the edge of the most profound decision he will ever make.

Lucifer is the highest of the cherubim, admired for his worship songs as well as his beauty.  He’s not content with being the highest of the angels, though.  He wants more:  to be promoted to God’s equal.  But when he finds out that God intends to promote a Son instead, Lucifer turns to reason over faith.  Convinced that he is as powerful as God, Lucifer’s followers divide Heaven as the angels take sides in the first war ever known.

All of the angels in Heaven must choose a side:  their faith and God, or Lucifer and his new ideas and reason.  No matter which side they choose, Heaven will never be the same.

War of Wings is an epic story on the grandest scale imaginable.  The rich details of life in Heaven make a vivid backdrop for larger-than-life characters with desires everyone can relate to.  Though the setting is more than most can imagine, McElroy does a fantastic job of bringing it to life, and his angels are not images of perfection, but characters with real thoughts and feelings.  The glimpses into the different hierarchies of the angels are fascinating, just as his views of life in Heaven are, and even the dramatic Fall of Lucifer and his supporters is drawn in vibrant color for the reader to appreciate.

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