Seconds Before Sunrise, by Shannon A. Thompson


Seconds Before Sunrise, by Shannon A. Thompson, is the second book in the A Timely Death series. Ms Thompson is the talented Indie author of several other novels including Minutes Before Sunset and Take Me Tomorrow. She is also the recipient of a Goodreads award, and blogs frequently about writing and life.

Eric knows that his duty to the Dark—his people—is far more important that his own desires. That’s the only reason he went along with the plan to make Jessica forget everything she knew about their people, and their love. But he had no idea how hard it would be to be forgotten, to have to watch Jessica go about her life as if they’d never met, never loved each other. It is enough to drive him crazy, and he cannot afford distractions now, so close to his 18th birthday, the day the fate of the war between the Dark and the Light will be decided.   So he withdraws from everyone, even himself.

But a horrible accident serves as a frightening wake-up call, and he realizes he cannot do this alone. He must turn to those around him, those he loves, if he is to survive and not surrender.

Jessica knows something is changed; she just doesn’t know what. Her memory is gone. Her desire to find her parents is gone. And her self-confidence is gone. She feels like she’s lost a piece of herself. The only thing she has is the boy from her nightmares, and she wants to find him, even if it drives her crazy.

Seconds Before Sunrise keeps up the fast-pace of Minutes Before Sunset, with twists and turns that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. The characters are even more compelling, fighting their dual natures as they strive to remain true to themselves. The action takes several unexpected paths, leaving the reader guessing. Ms Thompson has done a superb job of bringing both of her worlds to life, both the magical, and the mundane. Seconds Before Sunrise is an engaging read sure to appeal to fans of both fantasy and young adult, with a twist that makes it different from other novels in these genres.

6 thoughts on “Seconds Before Sunrise, by Shannon A. Thompson

      1. No worries on the timing at all! I never expect readers to finish a book in a certain amount of time. I’m glad you enjoyed the read. :] And I hope you get your internet soon.


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