A Fairy Tale, by Shanna Swendson

(A Fairy Tale, by Shanna Swendson, NLA Digital LLC)
(A Fairy Tale, by Shanna Swendson, NLA Digital LLC)

Shanna Swendson is the author of the Enchanted Inc. series, a humorous, breezy fantasy series about an unmagical girl who moves to New York City and finds that the city is far weirder when you see things that no one else can see. Her newest novel is A Fairy Tale, the first book in a new series about fairies, New York City, and family.

Sophie Drake is a ballet teacher in a small Louisiana town. It’s not a glamorous life, but it’s safe. A long time ago, Sophie danced with the fairies, learning to dance like the Fae: full of magic and wonder. However, the Fae wanted more than dancing. When they tried to steal her little sister, Emily, Sophie walked away from them and into her safe little small-town world.

Now Emily is missing again, and Sophie knows the Fae are responsible, so she heads to New York City, determined to find Emily and bring her back. But there is more at stake than Sophie realizes. A rebel queen wants to rule all of fairyland, desperate to take over for the missing queen. She wants to unite all of the fairies and conquer the human world. Emily is merely a pawn in her game. But Sophie is having none of it. She‘s going to save her sister, no matter what it takes.

With the help of a wounded cop searching for his own missing person, two eccentric elderly ladies who know more than they should, and the laziest bulldog imaginable, the small-town ballet teacher goes to battle with the Fae. Be warned: these fairies aren’t Tinkerbelle. Winsome and sly, they are cleverer and more powerful than Sophie imagines. Then again, so is she.

Shanna Swendson’s writing style is light-hearted, but fast-paced. Her characters are distinct, and so realistic they seem to step off the page and into reality. Swendson seamlessly blends the magical Fae and their realm with the sometimes-fantastical world of law enforcement, Broadway, and New York City, to create an intriguing world that draws the reader in and doesn’t let go until the last page has been turned.

(Galley courtesy of NLA Digital LLC via NetGalley.)

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