A Pretty Mess, by Carla Caruso

A Pretty mess, by Carla Caruse (Image courtesy of Aus Impulse).
A Pretty mess, by Carla Caruso (Image courtesy of AUS Impulse).

Carla Caruso is from an Italian family, but she lives in Australia. She loves romantic comedies, so it’s no surprise that she writes them as well. The first novel in her Astonvale series, A Pretty Mess, is available now.

Celeste Pretty is a bit of a neat freak. You have to be, when your father is a hoarder, and you don’t want to die a horrible death, smothered under a pile of old newspapers and busted tools. Celeste has turned her organization gift into a new business: professional organizer.

Landing a major celebrity client is great news for a new business, so Celeste is thrilled when fitness guru Natalia Samphire signs on. If she can impress Natalia, she’ll be all set. But this job proves a bit tricky: she finds a blackmail note and other mysterious items, and Natalia is acting strange. Not to mention, hunky builder Lenny Muscat is a distraction that Celeste doesn’t need. She has to make this job a success if she’s going to make it out on her own.

So no distractions from sexy men. And no clients acting oddly. Even if she has to figure out what’s going on all by herself, and put a stop to it. No matter how dangerous that is.

A Pretty Mess is a fun, light-hearted tale of love and chaos. The writing is breezy, the characters are engaging, and the story itself has moments of humor and mystery intertwined with romance.

(Galley provided by AUS Impulse via NetGalley.)

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