Part-Time Princess, by Pamela Dumond

part time princess cover

Pamela Dumond “discovered” Erin Brokovich’s story and brought it to the big screen. She has written several novels, including young adult, new adult, romance, and self-help. Her new book, Part-Time Princess, is the first book in the Ladies-in-Waiting series.

Lucy Trabbicio has a life. It’s not a fantastic one, but she gets by, as a cocktail waitress at a biker bar. Money is tight, so when a mysterious job opportunity comes her way, she’s intrigued. Turns out the job is to impersonate Lady Elizabeth Billingsley as she travels to the tiny country of Fredonia, to keep Prince Cristoph Timmel interested while Lady Elizabeth takes care of some personal business in the U.S.

Lucy is skeptical, but the paycheck is more than she can turn down, so she agrees, enduring the ensuing whirlwind of makeovers, beauty treatments, and lessons. A princess has to walk, talk, dress, and eat a certain way, after all. Before she knows it, Lucy is off to the Alps and her new identity.

On the flight, she meets bad-boy Nick, who seems to have a very personal history with Lady Elizabeth. Lucy is drawn to Nick, but she’s not who he thinks she is. And Nick isn’t Prince Cristoph, so he isn’t part of the job. Soon, Lucy is swept up in the romance and drama of the royal lifestyle. But parties aren’t enough to satisfy her, and she finds herself drawn to Nick, despite “her” engagement to Cristoph. Lucy is desperate to keep up the façade, even when someone tries to kill her, and Lady Elizabeth promises she’ll be back before the wedding.

But what if she isn’t? Will Lucy continue in her role as someone else, or will she admit who she really is, and risk losing her newfound friends and family?

Part-Time Princess is lighthearted and funny, with breathless romance and mystery, too. The breezy style makes the pages fly by, and Lucy’s antics will have the reader laughing and hoping through every chapter.

(Galley provided via NetGalley.)

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