The Infinite, by Lori M. Lee

(I do not own this image. Image belongs to Skyscape.)
(I do not own this image. Image belongs to Skyscape.)

Lori M. Lee is an author from Wisconsin, via Laos and Thailand. She writes young adult fiction, in the fantasy genre. Her newest novel is The Infinite, the second book in the Gates of Thread and Stone series.

Kai is no longer trapped in the Labyrinth, the poverty-riddled warren of the city she grew up in. Now she’s discovered that being trapped is always a horrible place to be, no matter how big the “cage” is. Her current cage is Ninurta, the city she has called home for her entire life. But being home doesn’t mean things are still the same.

Avan is an Infinite now, and he no longer remembers their previous life, or their love. A rebel group is threatening the fledgling new government, and Kai is afraid her brother Reev is part of it. To make matters worse, a threat from outside the city walls arises, putting the city in even more danger. Now, with her ability to manipulate the threads of time vanished, Kai is powerless to stop the disaster looming over her life, her loved ones, and her very world.

The Infinite picks up where The Gates of Thread and Stone left off, with Kai in a bigger mess than before. Ninurta itself comes to vibrant life on the page, as do Kai’s forays outside the city walls. Avan is no longer the boy she loved from the first book, his character is now shaped by forces far beyond himself, and the reader will be anxious to see if he ever remembers Kai and the live they had.

(Galley provided by Skyscape via NetGalley.)

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