Pretty Famous, by Carla Caruso

(I do not own this image. Image property of AUS Impulse.)
(I do not own this image. Image property of AUS Impulse.)

Carla Caruso is a writer from Australia who writes romance with a touch of humor. Her current novel, Pretty Famous, is the third book in the Astonvale series, which stars Celeste Pretty, a professional organizer with a knack for finding trouble.

Celeste Pretty’s life has changed for the better. Her fledgling business is off to a good start. Her father has found happiness with a new relationship. And Celeste and contractor Lenny are getting married! Things are good, except for Celeste’s new job: prestigious Astonvale College is celebrating 100 years, and they need Celeste to make sure the festivities happen as planned. And they’d like Imogen Karmel to assist her.

Between planning her own engagement party and making the sure the school celebration shines, Celeste doesn’t have time for theatrics, but she finds herself drawn into the 60-year-old murder mystery of a screen star anyway. Between her sleuthing and Imogen’s determination to find the missing prince—who doesn’t want to be a princess?—it will take a miracle to get the project completed on time.

Pretty Famous continues the quirky adventures of Celeste Pretty, with Imogen in a co-starring role that gives the reader glimpses at the depth she hides so well. Lenny is back as well, and the romance that started in A Pretty Mess comes full circle for the couple. With Celeste’s way of landing in precarious situations, the reader will laugh their way through the newest book in the Astonvale series.

(Galley provided by AUS Impulse via NetGalley.)

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