The Corridor, by A.N. Willis

(I do not own this image. Image belongs to Alloy Entertainment and the author.)
(I do not own this image. Image belongs to Alloy Entertainment and the author.)

A.N. Willis writes young adult fiction, preferably with a science fiction bent. This is probably a result of her obsession with sci-fi TV shows when she was growing up. Her first novel, The Corridor, just hit shelves.

The Corridor appeared out of nowhere 17 years ago, a link to a parallel world, Second Earth. The Mods—genetically modified human from Second Earth who built the Corridor—frighten First Earthers. Mods are more: more brains, more strength, and powers that can’t be predicted, so they are tagged and detained in research labs.

The Corridor has been a part of Stel Alaster’s life as long as she can remember. Everyone knows what it did. Everyone knows that the Mods, with their scary powers, caused its creation and the disasters that ensued. But Stel is the only one who knows that she has a power, too: she can open a portal to Second Earth, or any of the parallel worlds she soon discovers. If anyone finds out, she’ll be imprisoned just like the Mods.

Then the Corridor starts emitting terrifying bursts of energy, and Stel realizes she’ll have to act if she’s to save her family and the world she loves. With the help of an escaped Mod, and a boy she met in a third universe, she sets out to discover how to stabilize the Corridor before it’s too late.

The Corridor is a fast-paced, riveting read filled with adventure, mystery, and a little bit of romance. First Earth is a world like our own, yet changed by the Corridor. Twists and turns will keep the reader eager to find out what happens to characters that are realistic and relatable. The Corridor is a fantastic read for anyone desiring adventure mixed with mystery in an exciting new world.

(Galley provided by Alloy Entertainment via NetGalley.)

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