Chivalrous, by Dina L. Sleiman

(I do not own this image. Image courtesy of Bethany House Publishers.)
(I do not own this image. Image courtesy of Bethany House Publishers.)

Dina L. Sleiman is a resident of Virginia Beach where she spends a lot of her time outdoors, when she isn’t writing or editing. She is a graduate of Regent University, and she writes inspirational fiction. Her new novel, Chivalrous, is the second book in the Valiant Hearts series.

Gwendolyn Barnes wishes she were a man. Then she could become a knight and compete in tournaments: her secret dream. Instead, Gwendolyn is at the mercy of her domineering, brutal father and her submissive mother. Her father intends only to see her married to a man just as controlling as he is so she will further the family’s fortunes. So Gwendolyn keeps her knightly training a secret, not wishing to raise the ire of her father.

In disguise, she competes in a tournament, where she meets the handsome Allen of Ellsworth. Allen is determined to prove his worth as a knight, but he sacrifices his chance to win the tourney to save a child. His sacrifice results in Allen’s whirlwind rise through the ranks, and soon he’s living a live he never imagined. Gwendolyn could see herself by his side, but fate conspires to keep them apart as murder, mayhem, and marriage stand in their way.

Chivalrous is a tale of days gone by, a story straight from the world of Arthur. There is action a plenty: knights, battles, courtly intrigue, and betrayal. Gwendolyn must learn her own worth, and how God values her, while Allen must place his faith wholly in God, instead of man. Chivalrous is an entrancing read that will keep readers glued to every page.

(Galley Provided by Bethany House Publishers via NetGalley.)

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