The Sword and the Song, by C.E. Laureano

(I do not own this image. Image belongs to NavPress.)
(I do not own this image. Image belongs to NavPress.)

C.E. Laureano was an aspiring ballerina until an injury sidelined her. While she recovered, she decided to write a novel. That horrible first novel led to a literature degree, and eventually, to writing contemporary romances and young adult fantasy. The Sword and the Song is the third book in the Song of Seare trilogy.

War has come to the island of Seare. The Red Druid is gathering his forces, but he is also lurking in the shadows to spring his nefarious traps when least expected. No place is safe from his magic, even behind the powerful wards of the city.

Conor and Eoghan clash over who will lead the city in this time of darkness, while Aine struggles to save those she can within the city. When Conor sets out on a mission to thwart the Red Druid, Aine fears for his life, and that he won’t return home in time. They face betrayal, evil forces, and dissention from their friends as they race to figure out the Red Druid’s plans before he can destroy them all.

The Sword and the Song is an action-packed adventure story, filled with magic, danger, and faith. The almost-Celtic setting comes to life with Ms. Laureano’s vivid descriptions, and the characters become family by the time the reader reaches the last riveting page.

(Galley provided by NavPress via NetGalley.)

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