A Girl’s Guide to Moving On, by Debbie Macomber

(I do not own this image. Image belongs to Ballantine Books.)


Debbie Macomber is a #1 New York Times bestseller writer. Her newest novel, A Girl’s Guide to Moving On, hits shelves today.

Starting over isn’t easy, but having a friend in the same boat makes it a little bit easier. For Nichole, that friend is her mother-in-law, Leanne. When Nichole learns that her husband, Jake, has cheated on her, she knows her marriage is over and decides to forge a new life for herself and her young son. Inspired by Nichole’s decision, Leanne decides to stop ignoring her own husband’s unfaithfulness, and starts over as well.

Nichole juggles work, her son, and volunteer work, keeping herself busy while she heals. Then she meets Rocco, her husband’s opposite in every way. Just when things begin to progress, Jake steps in with a last-ditch effort to get Nichole back. Will she give Jake another chance, or overcome her fears of the future and choose Rocco?

Leanne has finally had too much—decades too much—of her husband’s cheating, and begins a new life as an English as a second language teacher. There she meets Nikolai, a charming Ukrainian baker. Before Leanne can put her past behind her and move forward with Nicholai, tragedy steps in, forcing Leanne to face the most difficult circumstance of her life.

A Girl’s Guide to Moving On is a sweet, inspiring read. The characters are strong, with a few chinks in their armor, as they learn what starting a new life, and love, is all about.

(Galley provided by Ballantine Books via NetGalley.)

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