My Kind of Crazy, by Robin Reul

my kind of crazy
(I do not own this image. Image belongs to Sourcebooks Fire.)

Robin Reul is a young adult author. Her newest book, My Kind of Crazy, hits shelves April 5th.

“Normal is overrated.”

Welcome to Hank Kirby’s life. His wisecracks occasionally get him in trouble with his overbearing, alcoholic father. But not nearly as much trouble as his attempt to ask the most popular girl in school to prom. With sparklers. Underneath a very flammable tree…. When the house almost catches on fire, Hank ditches his plan and flees the scene of the crime.

Too bad Peyton Breedlove saw the whole thing. She takes an interest in Hank and his “work,” and soon he finds himself involved with the quirky, secretive Peyton, whose issues make Hank’s trouble’s look like child’s play. Are Peyton’s secrets more than Hank can handle?

My Kind of Crazy is a thought-provoking read about characters that are deeply flawed but struggling to survive. Neither Peyton nor Hank come from a happy home and family, and their fight to adjust and thrive takes them places they never considered. But they are more than just their pasts, a lesson that is painful and dangerous to learn.

(Galley provided by Sourcebooks Fire via NetGalley.)

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