How Many Letters Are in Goodbye? by Yvonne Cassidy


how many letters
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Yvonne Cassidy is an Irish author who loves the thrill of forging a connection with her readers. Her newest novel, How Many Letters Are in Goodbye? hit shelves on March 8th.

Rhea Farrell has a lot of scars, some visible, some not-so-visible. From the accident that cost her an arm. From her father’s drinking. From her struggle to come to terms with her sexuality. But the biggest scar is the death of her mother.

When a completely-overwhelmed Rhea runs away, she is sure no one will miss her. She’s scared. She’s angry. And she doesn’t know where to turn next. So she turns to the only person she can, writing letters to the mother she never knew. On the streets of New York, where her mother was from, Rhea searches for information about her mother as she struggles to forge a new life for herself.

How Many Letters Are in Goodbye? is an emotional, poignant novel about loss and secrets, but also about learning to trust and heal. Rhea is a complex character haunted by pain and betrayal, but searching for a way out. A gritty novel that is well-worth the read.

(Galley provided by Flux via NetGalley.)

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