An Elegant Facade, by Kristi Ann Hunter

an elegant facace
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Kristi Ann Hunter is a multiple-award-winning author who lives in Georgia and loves games and music. She also loves “teeny bopper movies and cheesy RomComs.” Her newest novel is An Elegant Façade.

Lady Georgina Hawthorne has done everything in her power to ensure her debut Season goes off without a hitch, including spending three long years cultivating both her image and her knowledge of society’s intricacies. Her careful reputation, from always wearing white to being the Incomparable of her Season, are all aimed at one thing:  catching a husband with enough money and power to protect her should her secret be found out.

Colin McCrae has money and connections, but he’s missing a pedigree. Smart and observant, he is invited into the world of the upper class, but he isn’t accepted there. As Colin begins to wonder about his place in the world, he meets Lady Georgina, and finds himself irritated by a woman consumed only with her appearance and others’ opinion of her. But Georgina is desperate to protect herself and her shameful secret, a secret that not even her family knows. As cracks begin to form in her charade, Colin gets a glimpse of her true self, and wonders about the hidden depths of Lady Georgina Hawthorn.

An Elegant Façade seems, on the surface, to be just another fluffy Regency romance, but that is not the case. Georgina is a strong, brilliant character, but she hides her flaws, as most of us do, terrified someone will find out her secret. Colin is a down-to-earth character, but a true here:  clever, observant, discerning, and of course, handsome. The interactions between these two feel like watching a movie, being both vivid and realistic. This novel is well-worth reading

(Galley provided by Bethany House via NetGalley.)

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