The Sunlight Pilgrims, by Jenni Fagan

I do not own this image. Image belongs to Crown Publishing.

Jenni Fagan is a poet, screenwriter, and the author of short stories, essays, articles, plays, and novels. She has won prestigious awards, including Scottish Author of the Year (2016) and one of the Granta Best of Young British Novelists (2013). Her newest novel is The Sunlight Pilgrims.

In November of 2020, the world is freezing over. The consequences of global warming are in full effect. The ice caps are melting. There’s snow in Israel. The Thames is overflowing. People are fleeing London for warmer temperatures to the south. But Dylan is headed north to bury the ashes of his mother and grandmother in the Scottish islands they came from.

Twelve-year-old Estella and her survivalist mother, Constance, live in a Highlands caravan, getting by scavenging the landfill for things to restore and trade. Stella is not who she one was, and Constance is fiercely protective of who her child is, and of her own choices. When Dylan arrives, he will change both their lives as they wait for the worsening winter to arrive.

This is a beautiful, evocative book filled with compelling characters. The potential return of the ice Age—set only four years from now!—adds a chilling backdrop to the experiences of the characters. Very well-done and worth reading.

(Galley provided by Crown Publishing via NetGalley.)

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