What We’ll Do for Blood, by C.L. Mannarino

I do not own this image. Image belongs to C.L. Mannarino.

C.L. Mannarino lives in Massachusetts, and writes about family, friendship, and things that go bump in the night. The first novel in her Almost Human series is What We’ll Do for Blood.

Scott Whitney just wants to survive his final exams and finish up his senior year of high school. He has a great girlfriend, but dreams of getting away from his status-conscious family and going to college. He doesn’t fit into his family’s perfect little lives, although that doesn’t stop Scott from trying.

While celebrating his father’s promotion, Scott meets Maria, his father’s gorgeous co-worker. Soon, Maria is at the house all the time, helping his father, bonding with his mother, and setting Scott’s teeth on edge. Then one night, Scott finds Maria drinking his father’s blood, and he realizes he has no idea what’s going on. Scott is determined to save his father, despite Maria’s efforts to keep him quiet.  Family has always been important to Scott, but now “blood” takes on a whole new meaning.

 s set in 1989, so there’s no cell phones to call for help, and no internet to scour for information. This is a very diverse book, not the typical YA vampire fare, and Scott is an out-of-the-ordinary hero. This book is less Twilight, and more Interview with the Vampire, not bothering to romanticize vampires and instead putting a great character front and center.

(I was contacted by the author to do an impartial review of this novel.)

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