To Capture What We Cannot Keep, by Beatrice Colin


Image belongs to Flatiron Books.

Beatrice Colin is a former journalist turned author. Her newest novel is To Capture What We Cannot Keep.

In February 1887, Caitriona Wallace is a down-on-her-luck widow tasked with keeping two wealthy Scottish teenagers out of trouble in Paris. Emile Nouguier is building the Eiffel tower. The two meet in a hot air balloon, where magic seems possible. But back on the ground, their different social classes and societal expectations interfere.

Cait must either re-marry or find a permanent position if she is to survive. Emile, heir to his father’s company, is expected to take a suitable bride along with his place in the family business. As the Eiffel Tower rises above Paris, Cait and Emile must decide just how much their love is worth.

To Capture What We Cannot Keep is a vividly rendered picture of the conflicted Paris of the late 1800s. Social strata dominates everything, and the characters face the conflict of their different social stations, as well as their own conflicts over love.

(Galley provided by Flatiron Books via NetGalley.)

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