The Road to Enchantment, by Kaya McLaren


Image belongs to St. Martin’s.

Kaya McLaren is a former archeologist turned author. Her newest novel is The Road to Enchantment.

When Willow was a girl, she watched as her mother set a mattress on fire in the front yard, roasted marshmallow Peeps over the flames, and said goodbye to Washington and her cheating husband, dragging Willow with her all the way to New Mexico and a new life next to an Apache reservation. At first, Willow struggled to fit in, then she just couldn’t wait to leave. Now she loves her new life in L.A. But one phone call from Darrel, her best friend back home, and everything changes:  her mother is dead, her boyfriend dumps her, and she finds out she’s pregnant.

Now Willow finds herself back in New Mexico, sorting through the memories of her old live, and trying to figure out how to pay back what her mother owed on the DeVine Winery and goat ranch so she can escape back to L.A. Now the small community she grew up in feels more like home than Willow ever imagined, and she must reevaluate what is truly important in life if she is ever to find happiness.

The Road to Enchantment is filled with the magic of an everyday life, with the simplicity that brings happiness, and the realization of deep truths present in every person. Willow is trying to find herself—without realizing it—and what she finds is not what she expected. I’ve never been to New Mexico, nor do I have any experience with life on or near a reservation, yet this book brought it to vibrant, shimmering life, tempting me to light my old life on fire and run away to a new life. A beautiful, evocative book!

(Galley provided by St. Martin’s.)

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