Books I Read in June

June was a really good reading month for me:  I read 16 books, and started two more that I stopped reading. Several of these books I thought were fantastic!

the rules of half

The Rules of Half, by Jenna Patrick. (Read to review.) Loved this! It deals with mental illness respectfully and accurately, and the characters were great:  flawed and believable.

internet famous

Internet Famous by Danika Stone. (Read to review.) I liked this a lot. I liked the MC–and envied her life–and found the whole set-up of her being a famous blogger being persecuted by a troll very interesting.

the sixth victim

The Sixth Victim, by Tessa Harris. (Read to review.) I was intrigued by the Jack the Ripper connection, but found this just “meh”.

Love, Alabama

Love, Alabama, by Susan Sands. (Read to review.) A cute romance with a history, plus a narcissistic, manipulative ex-husband, set in a small Southern town. Enjoyable.


Patchwork, by Karsten Knight. (Read to review.) Loved this! Unique concept with likeable characters, and a neat twist on the phoenix mythos.

Silence Fallen, by Patricia Briggs. (Just because I love this series.) Yep. Love me some Mercy Thompson.

Part ofthe Silence

Part of the Silence, by Debbie Howells. (Read to review.) Another “meh” read, although I loved the Cornwall setting, and the mystery was somewhat interesting.

murder on black swan lane

Murder on Black Swan Lane, by Andrea Penrose. (Read to review.) A pretty good read, with a Regency-era murder mystery. The interactions between the two main characters were very entertaining.

girl on the verge

Girl on the Verge, by Pintip Dunn. (Read to review.) Another book I loved! A multi-cultural MC who struggles to bridge the gap between her cultures, plus a creepy-as-all-get-out “friend” who tries to be just. exactly. like. her. and take over her life.

All the Feels:  All is Fair in Love and Fandom, by Danika Stone. I read this because I enjoyed Internet Famous, and found this to be an entertaining read as well.

Being Dead is Bad for Business, by Stanley A Weiss. (Read to review). Stopped reading about 5% in due to a lack of interest in the character. He was pretty self-absorbed.

Betrothed, by Wanda Wiltshire. (Read to review.) Stopped reading after about 20% because the characters seemed too juvenile for YA, and because the whole plot felt too “done” (I’m tired of the fated lovers concept, to be honest, at least done like this, plus she only knows him from her fluffy dreams….come on.)

Dream Me, by Kathryn Berla. (Review forthcoming.). Another great read! Ironically, this, too, has the MCs knowing each other in their dreams, but this one is totally different, with one of them being from a desolate future earth who chose to try to come back in time instead of escaping with his family.

The Nearest Faraway Place, by Hayley Long. (Review forthcoming.) Okay, so….This is about two brothers who lose their parents in a horrible car wreck and have to learn to live with their new reality. I…figured out what was going on about 60% of the way through, and just didn’t know what to think. This is a good book, but it is sad/emotional, so be warned if you pick it up.

Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. (Spiritual book of the month.) Awesome read.

Across Many Mountains, by Yangzom Brauen. (From the TBR pile.) Interesting look at Tibet’s culture.

Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. (Classic book of the month.) How have I never read this before?

Pastel Orphans, by Gemma Liviero. (Cultural book of the month.) Set during the Holocaust. Not an easy book to read.


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