What I Read in December (2018)

Books Read in December:  18

Books Read for the Year: 192/150

Topical Books/Monthly Goal Books:

Olivia Twist (from the TBR pile). I thought this was a great twist on a classic!

The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis (spiritual). I’ve heard good things about this for years, and it was definitely an interesting perspective.

The Tuscan Child (cultural). Loved this tale, told by alternating characters in two different decades.

Out of the Silent Planet, by C.S. Lewis. This was an interesting read.

For Review:

fire & heist

Fire & Heist, by Sarah Beth Durst. This is about wyvern society, and girl whose family was disgraced because her mother failed in an attempted heist, then disappeared. She’s desperate to find her mother, so she plans her own heist—and uncovers secrets about wyvern origins. A decent read, but I’d place it more towards middle grade than YA.

once a king

Once a King, by Erin Summerill. I loved this book, about countries divided by years of hatred, and a girl who must work with the new king to solve the mystery of the drug trade that’s killing people. The worldbuilding is fantastic here, and I loved the characters as well.

the iron flower

The Iron Flower, by Laurie Forest. Another fantastic read, about Elloren, granddaughter of a murderess and part of the horrible Gardnerians, who are intent on destroying all other races. Elloren wants to help save her friends and stop the looming war and violence, but even the forest is calling her the Black Witch…and she has no power. An excellent read!

the queen's wing

The Queen’s Wing, by Jessica Thorne. At first, this seemed just on the edge of cheesy scifi, but I grew to like the characters, even if there were a lot of different things thrown in here (spaceships, swords, cyborgs, aliens, space travel…).


Deadfall, by Stephen Wallenfels. Two brothers, whose father was an abusive drunk with ties to the underworld, end up fostering with a wealthy politician who’s hiding dark secrets of his own. This was dark, but I enjoyed the intertwined timelines.

what you hide

What You Hide, by Natalie D. Richards. A book about very heavy subjects:  abuse and homelessness, but a very hopeful book all the same. I do recommend this tale of Mallory, who’s terrified of her abusive stepfather and runs away. She ends up hiding in the library at night while she searches for a solution, where she meets Spencer, son of a wealthy family, searching for his own truth.


The Accidental Beauty Queen, by Teri Wilson. Confession: I’m from Texas, and this book is pretty spot-on with the whole pageant-mom scene. I think my mom put me in one when I was like 3, but I’ve only seen pictures, no actual memories. I enjoyed this light read about Charlotte (she is ME, y’all!) who finds herself taking her twin sister’s place in a beauty pageant after her sister has an allergic reaction. I loved how this book actually skipped the typical beauty pageant contestant tropes, and the romance was sweet, too. Perfect for a weekend spent reading.

wicked saints

Wicked Saints, by Emily A. Duncan (review forthcoming). This one isn’t published for a few months, but I should have an author interview closer to release date, so I needed to do my homework.. I enjoyed this read, complex cultures clashing in a religious war, and I wasn’t expecting the ending at all.

the similars

The Similars, by Rebecca Hanover (review forthcoming). This near-future story blends attempted murder, clones, and a bit of romance and mystery into an intriguing read.

the me i meant to be

The Me I Meant to Be, by Sophie Jordan (review forthcoming). I enjoyed this light read  that explores what happens when love and friendship collide.

Just Because

The Black Witch, by Laurie Forest. This is actually the first book in The Black Witch series, but I read them out of order. I loved how much Elloren grew in this novel! Her eyes were truly opened to the truth of her world.

Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. I read the first book when it came out, then forgot it entirely…AND misplaced the second one, when it came out. So, I finally re-read the first and read the second. I love this world, and these books.

Cozy Minimalist Home, by Myquillyn Smith. Can I tell you how much I loved the pictures in this book? I worked my way through this one, and am starting to implement some of the ideas here in my quest to live more simply.


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