What I Read in February (2019)

Books Read in February:  14

Books Read for the Year: 32/175

Topical Books/Monthly Goal Books:

Beyond Blessed, by Robert Morris (spiritual).

The Color Purple, by Alice Walker (classic). Obviously, this is a good book. But I did not enjoy it, because I don’t like what happened in it. A very accurate portrayal, and I so wish it wasn’t.

Butterfly Island, by Corinna Bomann and Alison Layland (cultural). I loved this so much! Not quite the ending I had hoped for, but an excellent read.

Killman Creek, by Rachel Morgan (TBR). Creepy and riveting.

I’d Rather be Reading, by Anne Bogel (nonfiction). This is a fantastic read…about reading. I related to so many of the pieces in this book.

For Review

the warrior maiden

The Warrior Maiden, by Melanie Dickerson. This is a re-telling of Mulan—my favorite Disney movie—so I was in. I found the story intriguing, but distant. I never felt like I was seeing things from a close perspective of the characters, and this detracted from my enjoyment a lot.


Spectacle, by Jodie Lynn Zdrok. I loved the premise of this:  a 16-year-old girl in 1887 Paris works as the morgue reporter to feed Paris’s fascination with murder victims, and ends up with a link to a serial killer, able to see the murders from the perspective of the murderer. Interesting idea, but the execution was a little flat. The MC was being targeted by a serial killer, but chose to wander into the Paris catacombs…alone. Really? I have a problem with TSTL (too stupid to live) characters, and, while she wasn’t like this always, the few moments she was detracted greatly from my enjoyment of the story.


Warrior of the Wild, by Tricia Levenseller. I highly recommend this Viking-ish tale of a girl banished from her village for failing a trial, who must kill a god to get her old life back.

immoral code
Image belongs to Knopf.

Immoral Code, by Lillian Clark. A genius group of friends work together to steal enough money to pay for MIT from the deadbeat dad of one of the group. This book asks:  does doing the wrong thing for the right reasons make everything okay? I loved the group of friends, even though I wasn’t on board with the ethical decision they made.

mist, metal, & ash

Mist, Metal, and Ash, by Gwendolyn Clare. I do love steampunk, but I should’ve read the first book in this duology first. Love the world, and the action is great.

the psychology of time travel

The Psychology of Time Travel, by Kate Mascarenhas. I’m unsure how I feel about this. It sounds like scifi, but it’s really lit fic about four women who discover time travel. It’s also about their descendants and their future and past selves. And murder.

a soldier and a liar

A Soldier and a Liar, by Caitlin Lochner. Dystopian read about a group of teenagers with super powers in a society where they are the minority, in the midst of rebellion. Excellent read.

The Boys Who Woke Up Early, by A.D. Hopkings (review forthcoming). Not my usual fare. Stylistically could use some work, but I definitely enjoyed the voice.

Just Because

Cast in Oblivion, by Michelle Sagara. As always, a solid, enjoyable read.

Stopped Reading/DNF

The Dysasters, by P.C. and Kristin Cast. So…I loved The House of Night series by this mother/daughter writing team, and I heard them speak years ago at a writer’s conference. I also enjoyed all of P.C. Cast’s book that I read. This book…Well. I was signed up to be part of the blog tour—giving me even more incentive to read it—but I just couldn’t do it. Starting with Dysasters—why does the spelling have to be weird (like the HON books)? I read about 35% of this—under duress—before giving up. The MC was completely unlikable (Frankly, only one word comes to mind.) and the male lead had almost no personality, except to call her names because of her personality. A lot of action, but it came across as melodrama, and was entirely predictable:  basically, the writing screamed We want a movie deal! Just not a good fit for me, despite my love of YA and these authors.

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